Combat Vets Say Pot Helps Treat Their PTSD


By Paul Johnson

Salem, Oregon (CNN) - Two combat veterans testified before a State Senate Judiciary committee in Salem, Oregon.
During yesterday's (Wednesday) hearing they told the state senators that marijuana has helped them deal with post traumatic stress disorder.
The Senators are considering a bill to allow medical marijuana to treat PTSD.
These vets say it needs to happen.
I'm Jared Townsend, I'm a combat veteran from the Iraq war. Today, I'm here for 5 of my friends that couldn't be here. And the reason that they died was because they were prescribed pharmaceuticals from the VA in massive doses and they ended up overdosing and dying.
We go fight your wars, we come home, we live in hell, we want to commit suicide everyday or shoot someone.
If you think it's a joke, it's not. And I don't care about the politics of this, let's save our soldiers that fought for you. It's time to fight for them.
Townsend said his mood and temper changed for the better after being prescribed pot for his back.
One state senator testified she's against expanding the medical marijuana program -- saying she watched a family member ruin his life with the drug.
The Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a session next week to discuss the bill more.

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