Missing Hiker Kyndall Jack Remembers Incident


By Paul Johnson

Orange County, California (CNN) - A California teen, rescued after being stranded for several days, is talking about what she remembers from her ordeal.
Kyndall Jack went hiking with Nicholas Cendoya on Easter Sunday and got lost in the Santa Ana Mountains.
Cendoya was rescued on Wednesday, but Jack was not found until Thursday.
"I only remember the first night. And the last thing I remember of the first night is fighting off some animal with Nick. And then I just remember the last day, scooting down a little hill - it actually wasn't little, it was actually like a cliff - and resting on my little rock for the rest of the time being. I know I ate dirt. Tried to eat some dirt and rocks. I came to the hospital with a mouth full of dirt."
A reserve sheriff's deputy was also injured during the rescue of Nicholas Cendoya.
He's expected to be okay.

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