'Swatting' Bill Passes First Senate Hearing


By Paul Johnson

Sacramento, California (CNN) - California leaders want to crack down on swatting.
That's when someone falsely reports a crime in an effort to initiate a large scale response from police and the swat team.
A rash of swatting incidents around Los Angeles have spurred law enforcement to push for tougher penalties for those convicted.
Legislation introduced this week would require a mandatory 120 days in jail.
The bill would make it easier to charge a suspect with a felony instead of misdemeanor.
How much money has been wasted?
Hundreds of thousands of dollars. I mean initially when we get calls like this we would roll out entire SWAT team situations and those can get very expensive, according to the LAPD for one call it'll cost them $10,000 a call.
Initially it started with celebrities. It has moved to a Los Angeles deputy district attorney's home was swatted. The Coast Guard got a call of a ship sinking that was a swatting call. But generally they are focusing on celebrities. And just last week we had Rihanna, Selena, Justin Timberlake and Sean Combs' homes were all swatted all within a 72-hour period.
A 12-year-old boy was sentenced to two years in juvenile detention.
He admitted last month that he made fake emergency calls that sent police to Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber's homes.

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