State Sues Florist For Refusing Gay Couple


By Paul Johnson

Richland, Washington (CNN) - A florist told a gay customer she could not provide flowers for his wedding because of her relationship with Jesus Christ.
The owner describes the incident on her facebook page.
Now the state of Washington is suing, claiming the business owner violated anti-discrimination laws.
The executive director of the family policy institute says he is not surprised by the attorney general's actions.
This case goes to the heart of the question of whether people in this culture still have the freedom to disagree, and run their personal lives and their businesses and make decisions in their own life that are consistent with who they are.
The florist's attorney says the lawsuit is a violation of his client's first amendment right to free speech.
He is vowing to take the case to federal court if necessary.
The same-sex couple at the center of the controversy says it is heartened by the lawsuit, but did not offer any additional comments.

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