Nevada Senator Comes Out As Gay During Gay Marriage Debate


By Paul Johnson

Carson City, Nevada (CNN) - A Nevada state senator opened up about his sexuality during a debate over gay marriage.
Monday, lawmakers were discussing a measure to repeal the state's gay marriage ban.
That's when democrat Kelvin Atkinson decided to publicly take a stand on the issue.
"I'm 44-years-old. I have a daughter. I'm black. I'm gay. I have uh dealt with a lot of what folks are talking about. And I know some of you it's the first time hearing me say that - that I am a black, gay male. But being that I have had the opportunity and just recently to hear people who didn't know that say stuff. I've heard them say something about this bill, I've hear them say stuff about folks that I love"
The senate voted 12-to-9 in favor of repealing the ban,
The bill now moves to the assembly.
If passed, the ban on gay marriages would be removed from the Nevada constitution.

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