Man Moving Garbage Can In Front Of His Home Finds A Baby Inside


By Paul Johnson

Oildale, California (CNN) - A California man who left his garbage can at the curb made a grisly discovery when he went to retrieve it.
Police in Oildale -- near Bakersfield -- say the man found a dead baby inside a garbage can, Friday morning.
Detectives believe the baby was carried to full term.
They say it appeared to be no more than several days old.
Neighbors are shocked that someone could just leave a child inside a garbage can in their neighborhood.
"I couldn't believe it. Just like, if you don't want the kid there are several places to take a kid. Like fire department right down the street, there are hospitals, and they blatantly tell you [that] if you do not want the kid you can take it in so many days and I hear about this baby sitting in a trash can for literally most of its life. Like, come on,"
Police are still investigating to determine the cause of the baby's death.

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