Conrad Murray Released


By Paul Johnson

(CNN) - The doctor convicted of causing Michael Jackson's death is a free man this Monday morning.
Doctor Conrad Murray left the Los Angeles county jail with a sheriff's escort just after midnight.
Jackson fans and protesters held a vigil outside the jail.
Some were unhappy with what they called "favoritism" when deputies took Murray out a rear exit to avoid the protesters and media.
Hecklers surrounded Murray's attorney as she spoke with reporters following Murray's release.
WASS: "My client received the maximum term possible..."
HECKLER: "Get what? He murdered Michael Jackson?"
WASS: " prior record..."
HECKLER: "...overdosed him with propofol?"
WASS: "He had 20 years of exemplary service as a physician."
"He was given the maximum term. He served every possible day. They didn't let him out a minute early."
"He was exemplary; I mean, he was kept away -- he was kept -- what we call K-10, if you will; a keep-away from the general population because of his notoriety, which we do with several inmates, whether they be related to police officers or they have some notoriety. It is done for safety and security of the jail."
Murray served two years of a four-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter.
That's because California prison rules require extra credit for time served in some cases.
In 2011, a jury found Murray guilty of administering a fatal dose of the painkiller propofol to Jackson at his California home.
Doctor Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson manslaughter wrongful death.

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