Skytower At Seaworld San Diego Gets Stuck


By Paul Johnson

San Diego, California (CNN) - A power failure Sunday -- at sea world San Diego -- halted several rides -- including the Skytower ride.
Most passengers say their rides were up and running in no-time...
But the 46 guests and 2 employees at the top of the Skytower were there for about four hours.
Jocelyn Harris's daughter was on the Atlantis when power went out.
She says she can't imagine if her daughter had been on the Skytower for hours. "I know if I was at the bottom, waiting for my kid -- I'm thinking they better do something to hurry up and get my kid down here, because -- either that or I'm climbing up there to go get him. So, there's got to be some way to get them."
Park officials say the guests were given snacks and water and were not in danger.
But -- a teenage boy was taken to a local hospital for anxiety, according to the san diego fire department.

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