ASU Professor Arrested For Jaywalking


By Paul Johnson

Phoenix, Arizona (CNN) - An Arizona state university English professor is pleading her case after a heated confrontation with a cop that was caught on camera.
Ersula Ore says she was roughed up by a campus police officer who caught her jaywalking last month.
Ore claims she walked in the street to avoid construction.
The confrontation got physical.
The officer arrested ore after she failed to show ID.
But ore tells CNN he didn't give her the chance to explain.
"I wasn't given an opportunity to actually give id. I mean, I was never asked what my name was. I was never told what I was in violation of. It was immediately 'do you know the difference between a street and a sidewalk?' and then he gets out the car. He throws the car door open actually is what happens. And he's just towering over me. He's intimidating. He is...I don't know why he's so aggressive."
Ore faces charges of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, failing to provide ID and obstructing a public thoroughfare.
She plans to fight the charges.
ASU gave this statement to CNN: "ASU authorities have reviewed the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the arrest of assistant professor Ersula Ore and have found that the officer involved did not violate protocol and no evidence was found of racial motivation by the ASU police department officers involved."
ASU plans to conduct an independent review on whether excessive force was used or if there was racial motivation by any of the officers involved.

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