Seattle parks dept. Searching for so-called 'moleman'


By Paul Johnson

Seattle, Washington (CNN) - This story will have you saying "holy moley."
On Wednesday, Seattle park officials looked for "the mole man" -- a transient they say has developed an elaborate series of underground tunnels, destroying precious park land.
Neighbors say they've been complaining about the problem for years.
He's known as "the mole man," for acting like the animal -- by digging deep ditches, caverns, steps and even an irrigation system in the environmentally-protected cheasty greenspace.
Neighbor Ed Neubold says the mole man is ruining some of the city's wetlands.
"He has a fear of what he calls noxious weeds and he's just digging up, he's dug up about a half-acre of this area"
On Wednesday, city officials went looking for the person responsible for the tunnels, to give him a "no trespass" order.
But no one could find him.
The city said the man is homeless and it will try to get him social services so he can find another place to live.
City officials estimate fixing the damage he caused could cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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