A Mother’s Intuition Leads Her To Save Her Adult Son’s Life


By KMVT News

Carlsbad, New Mexico (CNN) A mother in New Mexico comes to her adult son's rescue after sensing something was wrong.

Valerie Cranston said she had a feeling something had happened to her 40-year-old son, Cory Lemon, after she didn't hear from him.

So she and some other people went out looking for him.

She says she stopped in a desolate area along Highway 137 when she got a feeling her son was close by.

She looked down and saw him... Trapped at the bottom of a 100 foot drop.

He had crashed there after falling asleep while driving.

Lemon says he was sure he was going to die.

"I thought, 'It's cold, I'm hurting, and I'm going to be down here, going to freeze to death, go into shock," he said.

"I had a premonition that basically that this had happened because I hadn't heard from him," Cranston added.

Lemon was trapped for four hours.

He was treated for serious bruises to his ribs, but he's expected to be okay.

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