Are Our Children Safe? ID Parents Speak Out



Boise, Idaho (KBOI) Are our children safe in our schools? Idaho parents weigh in on the issue.

Steve Smith, Meridian, says, "my kids tell me themselves that they felt they were safe."

John Vance of Eagle adds, "are we safe standing here on the corner of the sidewalk? Who's got a gun right now? I mean you cant be naïve but you cant be jaded either."

Beth Haynes says, "I just have to trust that they are as safe as they possibly can be and they are no safer with me that they are at the school."

Fridays events have many parents wondering if there can't be more done to keep children safe in schools.

Colby Breshears of Boise feels, "anything can happen at any given time, it just depends on the people that are out there."

Julia Smith says there needs to be more mental health resources.

"It makes me really sad that it got to that point where he thought that for whatever reason he thought that was an ok thing to do."

John Vance says simply locking down a school when there is a threat is not enough.

"I know most schools have a school resource officer, maybe more police should be assigned to more school buildings. I don't know the answer."

All the parents said it's important to talk to your children about school saftey.

Colby Breshears says, "just make sure you grab your little ones and hold them tight and cherish every moment you got."

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