Beavers Causing Problems In WA State



Duvall, Washington (KIRO) A dam built by beavers in Washington State has burst...again and it's causing all sorts of problems.

When neighbors heard that a dam built by beavers burst for a 2nd time in a month, they rushed to help save Bob Siko's 100 year old house.

Siko adds, "within 25 or 30 minutes people started showing up and within and hour there was 50 people out here. we got this thing built last night."

A band aid fix that Bob says won't hold up for long. If the dam keeps getting breached it not only puts his house at risk — it puts other homeowners and Highway 203 at risk.

Here's the area 3 weeks ago when the beaver dam broke the first time.

"There is personal property and publilc property and public safety all hinges on this wehther we're standing on private property or not it's all connected here."

Governor Gregoire is considering declaring a state of emergency for this area.

That would give King County engineers to divert the mud and water.

Even if that does happen, Bob Siko doesn't know if this old house...will continue to be a safe place for his family to stay.

The short term is we got a big mess and we gotta clean it up and it's gogn to continue all winter long"

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