Boise Mountain Lion Spotting



Boise, Idaho (KBOI) An elusive mountain lion has been the talk of the town in Boise.

On Friday, an officer on a bicycle saw the cougar near quinn's pond and it quickly took off.

That happened next to 31st and Pleasanton in Boise, but there were sightings earlier in the week came from Eagle, and Star.

Fish and Game officials say it's likely the same cat, and there is no reason to panic, but it is becoming a public safety issue.

Zach Arbizu, a Boise resident says, "it's kind of frightening because if it's coming down here looking for food, common cases that i've heard in idaho they sometimes attack people, if they are down here for food and it can't find anything it likes what if we could be a target. "

Others on the green belt didn't even know about the rash of recent sightings. As a precaution people are urged to not keep their pets outside over night, and to keep an eye on small children when they're outside.

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