CO Bullied Girl Fights Back, Stands Up To Mean Kids



Denver, Colorado (KUSA) A nine–year–old Colorado girl who says she was bullied in school, has a plan to stand up to the mean kids. She isn't just fighting back for herself, but every other student as well.

School board meetings are the sort of places where 'bored' takes on a whole new meaning.

"We're Committed to Excellence. Look right there."

Boring for adults – and even more boring for children. So much so, counting the bored board members becomes a game.

"One, two, three, four, five, six!"

But the countdown to what's about to happen quickly changes the mood.

"I was nervous just talking to my mom and dad still," adds Isabella Griffin, bullied student.

"It actually surprised me very much."

Not too long ago Jon Griffin's daughter Isabella told him about some mean girls at school who were bullying her.

"They were picking on me because of my clothes and how I look," adds Isabella.

She went on to tell him about the special needs kid in her class who was also getting bullied. Except he was getting it worse.

"I thought that was really mean and i wanted to help him."

And then she told him this:

"I stood up for myself and I would like to stand up for others."
"Pledge to be a buddy and not a bully."

Standing up for others – by standing in front of the school board.

"You are making a commitment to yourself and fellow students."

Isabella came up with a plan called 'Be a Buddy and not a Bully', which asks students to sign a pledge against bullying.

When they do, they're given a bracelet to wear around school to show their support.

"Basically, it entitles the kids to actually step in."

The idea was so successful the Alamosa School District implemented it through all of its k thru 5 schools.

Robert Alejo, the superintendent says, "if not for the likes of our students, along the lines of isabella griffin, we'd have our hands full."

"This could be a model for other schools to use."

In fact, there's word the Monte Vista School District might implement it also.

"I can't wait till we get to eat the cupcakes!"

As you can imagine, doing all of this at the age of 9 hasn't been a piece of cake. But quite frankly, what isabella griffin has accomplished so far – has been pretty sweet.

"Thank You!"

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