CO Police Officers In Hot Water



Boulder, Colorado (KDVR) Two police officers in Colorado are facing serious charges for their alleged role in killing an elk.

This is officer Sam Carter standing over the trophy elk just a short time after the shooting on New Years.

Now as a result of this investigation arrest warrants have been issued for Sam Carter and brent curnow both of whom are Boulder Police Officers.

That investigation conducted by the Colorado Division of Wildlife indicates the two officers may have planned to take the elk.

They exchanged text messages after officer carter spotted the animal while on patrol.

Officer Carter to Officer Curnow, 'should go hunting Curnow replies you should have killed it.'

Carter again, "too many people right now start heading this way 9th and Mapleton."

Carter back to Curnow "ok he's dead tonight. His right side is broke off at the main beam. Carter continues but he's gonna die."

There was no reason for him to be out where the elk was to get out of his car and shoot him nothing justified in that

The two officers are now facing charges that include the unlawful taking of an elk...taking an elk out of season official misconduct and conspiracy.

Plus, felony charges of: attempting to influence a public servant two counts of tampering with evidence and forgery along with a wildlife poaching count called a samson charge.

If it has a six point antleron on side or more ...than it is consider a samson violation.

The Boulder Police Chief says the incident has deeply affected the public perception of his department.

Every employee in this organization is discouraged by this concerned and yes they are depressed on this because yeah it reflects on all of us.

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