CO Teachers Take Firearms Training



Adams County, Colorado (FOX) Following the Connecticut school shooting, interest in firearm training is on the rise, especially among educators.

In a snowy field near Bennett, two dozen people zero in on targets, aiming to become at last halfway proficient with a gun. This is very new territory for some of them...

Alan Digiosio, a teacher says, "buying ammo... Realm of expertise."
A half dozen here are teachers, among the many folks that contacted Graham Dunne at right after the Connecticut shootings.

"I think there's a certain amount of hysteria anytime something comes up...I think a lot of teachers are scared and rightfully so and they're looking at ways to defend themselves," adds Dunne.

A Jefferson County middle school teacher is one..

"When something happens it kind of hits close to home. It's just that added reminder that gives you that extra push, make the right choices and prepare yourself, just in case."

During the one–day course, Dunne, a police officer when he's not doing this, teaches his students shooting fundamentals and gun–handling skills.

Many of those students might not be sitting here if it weren't for newtown and aurora before that.

Digiosio says, "Im not saying that's the reason why I was out here, but it's definitely becoming more and more of a reality as to what type of training and this kind of expertise might be able to provide."

These first–time shooters are mostly interested in self–protection, but dunne says some teachers also hope they'll be allowed to carry a concealed weapon at school at some point in the future. He says people are rattled...

Dunne says, "people are scared and they want to defend themselves and rightfully so."

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