Couples Suing Idaho Over Same-Sex Marriage


By KMVT Staff

Boise, Idaho ( KBOI ) Four couples suing the state over same–sex marriage will have their day in court Monday.

Governor Otter is named in this case and says he's defending the state constitution. But the four couples say the state's marriage laws violate the US Constitution.

It's a 30–page lawsuit filed in federal court. These women are two of the plaintiffs. They, plus another couple have been denied marriage licenses in Idaho.

Their attorneys will present oral arguments Monday and so will the state.

Javier Smith, GLBT Community Center Board Member explains, "right now, their only defense is gays are icky, and I think that's not going to fly legally."

The four couples who want Idaho to recognize their marriages or allow them to be married here are also not speaking with reporters today, but KBOI did interview one couple back in November when news of the lawsuit broke.

Amber Beirele, the plaintiff says, "we just want to have those protections and just like any other family in Idaho and we think when people see, we use the old adage, we're just as boring as everyone else."

Two of the four couples were legally married in other states and want Idaho to recognize their marriages. This response to the lawsuit says.. "Governor Otter affirmatively states that same–sex marriages have never been recognized in Idaho."

The hearing starts at 9:30 a.m. Attorneys say it will be the only day in court and the judge will then have some time to make her ruling.

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