Dog Injured By Possible Mountain Lion In Boise Neighborhood


By Paul Johnson

Boise, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Boise Police are investigating the report that a Mountain Lion may have ventured into a Boise neighborhood and bit a small dog. Authorities say they were called to Surprise Valley neighborhood about 6:30 this Wednesday morning. Exactly what bit the small dog is not known, but a neighbor reported seeing what they thought was a mountain lion in the area at the same time. Information given to Boise Police is the dog suffered a single puncture wound and was taken to an emergency vet for treatment. At the time the wound reportedly did not appear to be fatal. Again, information given to officers by a neighbor is the resident of the home heard the dog yelp and began yelling, which may have scared away whatever animal was responsible for the dog attack.
Fish and Game officers are aware of the report and are investigating.
In the meantime, residents should be aware that, although a mountain lion sighting is still under investigation, the animals do live in the area and can pose a danger. Anyone who believes they see a mountain lion in the City of Boise is urged to immediately call 911.

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