Dreamliner's Future Uncertain



Everett, Washington (KOMO) U.S. officials grounded Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner because the aircraft's advanced batteries appear to be malfunctioning.

Boeing workers in Washington state are all concerned about what this could all mean for the future of the company.

There's a saying here in Everett when business is bad at Boeing,
"it can't possibly be good news...

Business in town turns too,

"bad Boeing means pocket books get shut real quick..."

And right now any answer about the future of the 787 and how it could affect everett and snohomish county is about as foggy as it was over paine field and the dreamliner plant earlier today.

Paul Andrews is concerned about Boeing and says, "it's always a concern with boeing – with what happens with boeing around here.. It's a large part of the community...")

We asked people up and down main street– how will the grounding of the entire dreamliner fleet could affect the region– everyone seems to have family or know someone who works at boeing...
Most hope it won't.

"i think it will get worked out"
You're hopeful it does?
"Yeah i hope it does."

But, at shops and restaurants like Mikie's...

They've been around long enough to know what bad news means.

Mike Kane, Mikie's says. "it's one thing to hear it locally – some little glitch going on, but when you start hearing it in the national news it's a bigger deal and you start worrying about it more and people start talking about it more. Most people have grown up there whole lives having it here so, it's a huge deal and the thought of it being an empty building is a pretty scary."

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