Education Secretary Praises The Overturning Of California Teacher Tenure Laws


By KMVT News

Washington, D.C. (CNN) A California judge struck down the state's teacher tenure, dismissal, and lay-off laws this week, ruling them unconstitutional.

In the ruling he said the law keeps bad teachers in the classroom and forces out promising good ones.

The nation's top educator, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, praised the decision.

Duncan says the conditions in California schools that prompted the ruling are similar in schools across the country…

“Historically what happens in L.A. is not unique to L.A. Around the country kids who need the most help often get the least effective, the least experienced teachers. That's not fair to the children or to the teachers and let me be really clear, this is not a union issue. Every contract is signed, not just by the union, but by management as well. We absolutely have to hold management and union together accountable for doing the right thing by kids and, ultimately, the right thing by public education in this country.”

In the ruling Tuesday, the judge said poor and minority students are especially hurt by the tenure laws.

The court ordered a stay of the decision pending an appeal by the state and teachers union.

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