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Family Wants To Keep Life Support For Girl Brain Dead After Tonsil Surgery


By KMVT News

Oakland, California (CNN) Jahi McMath's mother says her daughter is being pushed off life support by hospital workers in Oakland.

The 13-year-old girl went into surgery for a tonsillectomy to help her sleep apnea on December ninth.

After the surgery, complications began, and Jahi's parents were told she was brain dead.

The parents are now fighting to keep her on life support, but they say the hospital wants to end life support.

The coroner's office is scheduled to come for Jahi's body Tuesday, but the family says it will fight.

McMath's mother says she needs more time.

“I just don't think I'll be able to just sit here and let them take her like that. I'm her mother so I will fight for her to the end, I just don't want them to come. I just want her around as long as possible because I really believe God will wake her up,” she says.

A hospital spokeswoman says they work with the family to determine when they end life support.

The coroner adds, having the body on a ventilator will hinder the investigation.

That's because a healing body might cover up any medical mistakes.

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