Firefighter Arrested By Highway Patrol Threatens To Sue


By KMVT News

San Diego, California (CNN) A power struggle between emergency officials could turn into a legal battle in San Diego.

Firefighter Jake Gregoire is threatening to sue the highway patrol after one of their officers arrested him at the scene of an accident last month.

Gregoire says he was trying to help two people trapped in an overturned car... When Officer Sergio Flores told him to move his fire engine.

When he refused, Flores arrested him.

Monday, an attorney for the firefighter said they want the highway patrol to admit they were wrong... Or face a lawsuit.

“This situation was extremely unique... it was a very one-sided... I'm not sure I'd call it a conversation because it takes two people to conversate. But this wasn't about me moving my fire engine five feet or two feet. This was about 'getting in your fire engine and going home back to the fire station,’” Gregoire explains.

The attorney claims the fact that there were injured people at the scene meant the firefighter had command.

No word yet on how Officer Flores or the highway patrol are responding to the firefighter's claims.

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