Hit And Run Accident Kills Two In Washington State


By KMVT News

Vancouver, Washington (CNN) Police in Washington State are looking for a driver responsible for a fatal hit and run Monday morning.

That crash killed two people who were in the crosswalk when the vehicle came barreling through.

A driver behind the suspect says she saw it all happen and used her car to block the intersection... keeping other cars from hitting the victims.

She also says there's no excuse for this behavior.

“It's just unfortunate. I don't care how drunk you are, or high you are, or what stupidness that you've done, that you keep going and never touch your brakes,” the witness, Angela Blankenship, said.

Police say the Toyota Tundra they are looking for has damage to the front end grill area.

They are also looking for a black pickup that they say may have also hit one or both people in the crosswalk.

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