ID Lawmaker Pushing For Pre-K Pilot Program


By Brittany Cooper

Boise, Idaho ( KBOI ) Preschool can be expensive and the cost keeps some parents from enrolling their kids at all.

But a state lawmaker wants more children to start school earlier by chipping–in state dollars.

The bill would fund a three–year Pre–k pilot program in five Idaho preschools.

"My oldest is Olivia, she's five and a half."

Amy Corpstein has two kids in preschool.

Corpstein adds, "paying for preschool is not easy. I mean, I definitely have to go without other luxuries to make sure that they can get the best education."

The bill would have to pass the Idaho legislature.

The sponsor representative Hy Kloc says other states have seen the benefits.

Rep. Kloc says, "delinquency goes down, crime rates go down, incarceration goes down, dependency on welfare goes down, teen pregnancy goes down. All of the things that make up the social fabric are also affected by, believe it or not, if you get the kids early enough."

The proposal would cost the state 600–thousand dollars over three years.

And 750–thousand dollars would come from businesses, foundations and other sources.

The five preschools haven't been chosen, but the money would mean students could attend... Without paying anything out–of–pocket.

Representative Kloc says he'll submit the bill to the house education committee on Monday.

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