ID Power Technician Makes Mistake, Family Seeking Damages


By Tami Tremblay, KBOI

Meridian, Idaho (KBOI) An Idaho Power worker makes a mistake and now a Meridian family has lost thousands of dollars worth of appliances and electronics.

"It looks like smoke that came out of the outlets."

Nearly everything plugged in to this Meridian home, destroyed.

Homeowner Isaac Gifford says, "sound system to the tv, I had a brand new x–box just bought and took that out, both of our Wiis."

Amber Smith adds, "I came home and it smelled like my house was burning down... I didn't know if it was safe to plug things in, if my house was going to start on fire... What had even happened"

Idaho Power admits a technician working in their neighborhood crossed two wires incorrectly causing a power surge.

"With electricity things happen."

Lynette Berriochoa is a spokeswoman for the company, but says at this point she can't say much.

Berriochoa adds, "you know we're always willing to work with customers to resolve a dispute, in this case we understand the customer has retained an attorney so there may be pending litigation..."

It surrounds the cost for replacing the items lost in the power surge.

"What am I going to do? I don't have money to replace these things... I don't have a fridge," adds Amber.

"Most expensive thing this filter... Puffer Fish."

Idaho Power offered to pay 15–hundred dollars for the appliances and electronics...

But Issac Gifford and Amber Smith say they've gotten a lawyer because that's just a fraction of what it will really cost to replace their things.

"It's not like I want better stuff, but I can't do that with the money they're going to give me."

They believe it will cost closer to 45–hundred dollars, although it appears this case may be headed to court.

Idaho Power did send out an eletrician to make sure the home was safe. The family rents their home and unfortunately, do not have renters insurance.

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