Idaho National Guard Tries New Tech Gear



Boise, Idaho (KBOI) National Guard soldiers at Gowen Field are doing their monthly training this weekend and they have some new high tech gear to help them out. It's called the dismounted soldier training system, but really it's like playing Call of Duty, except imagine instead that you're inside the game.

These National Guard soldiers are geared up and ready to go, but they won't be traveling any further than a small pad set up in a room at Gowen Field.

The DS-TS system gives soldiers a 3D environment to work in, and some of the few limitations the system has actually helps hone important skills.

Sgt. Maj. Adams says, "you don't have a great sense of peripheral vision so it empathizes you to turn your body a full 360 and keep looking around and be aware of your surroundings. So that is a good thing especially if you are in theater."

While the Army has had the system for a short time, Idaho is the first state getting to try it out with their National Guard. The system won't replace live training in the field, but it's good for practicing squad tactics and it also saves money.

Maj. Charlie Moore adds, "simple communication simple movement team movement and things like that. In this environment in a virtual environment where you can see everybody, nobody gets hurt like I said your not expending fuel or's cheaper."

While the system won't be availible for home use anytime soon, it will likely become an essential tool in this high tech military age.

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