Idaho Ranks 15th In Nation For Scams



Boise, Idaho (KBOI) Idahoans are generally a trusting bunch, but there's also a down–side to that.

The Gem State ranks as one of the worst in the country for scammers and fraud. Scammers are taking advantage of our generosity as Idaho ranks 15th in the nation for getting scammed.

The president of the Better Business Bureau says December tends to be one of the worst months for scams as well because people are in the giving spirit and tend to fall more easily for them.

"Based on the number of phone calls the BBB receives and the amount of people who walk up to my on the street saying hey, I get contacted about a scam, that does not surprise me," adds Dale Dixon, President, Better Business Bureau.

A request to wire money is the biggest red flag. Don't ever send your money to someone you don't know!

The BBB says after the big Powerball Jackpot, the lottery scam has also gone up. This is when someone calls and says you have won some type of lottery and all you need to do is pay the fees in order to claim your prize.

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