Idahoans Speak Out About Gun Ownership At Show


By Brittany Cooper

Boise, Idaho (KBOI) Sales were through the roof at a gun show this weekend. Organizers say it's all thanks to a fear that the government might take guns away.

Paul Snider, the organizer says, "these guns and ammo are going out the door in arm loads. Some people can hardly walk they've got so much stuff."

Snider says the gun show's success is a direct result of politics.

"I dont think they are panicking ye, but they are very concerned about what might come down the line."

All of the people we talked with today say they are concerned about the future of their rights as gun owners.

Ted Cash, a Nampa resident adds, "its going to be an invasion of our 2nd amendment rights."

Roscoe Uscola, also from Nampa says, "it's being attacked and assaulted like you wouldn't believe."

Marc Phillips of Kuna believes, "I don't know what Obama is going to do and I am a little worried about our constitution and him and those guys back in Washington trashing it.

Reporter: why are you worried?

Tim Cook, of Nampa says, because if not, we wont be able to protect ourselves.

Assault riffles were getting a lot of attention at the gun show. Marc Phillips is looking into buying one.

Phillips says, "with the scope on, for out varmint hunting. That's what I would use it for.

Roscoe Uscola says assault riffles aren't for him but....

Uscola adds, "if somebody wants to have it i think they should have the right to have buy one."

And yet others say they *are ok with a ban on assault rifles.

Cook says, "there is no reason to have an assault rifle to go out and go hunting with or for home defense."

Organizer Paul Snider has been holding gun shows in Boise for 32 years and he says this is likely the biggest crowd they've ever had.

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