Lawmakers Oppose Marijuana Legalization in Gem State


By KBOI News

Boise, Idaho (KBOI News) Marijuana is illegal in any form in Idaho.

Today, the senate voted it should stay that way.

But, senators were uncomfortable with a measure calling for a federal crack–down on states with liberal marijuana laws.

The senate overwhelmingly approved a resolution underlining the legislature's opposition to legalized pot in Idaho.

But, it was a different story when the Senate was asked to support a symbolic statement demanding the federal government enforce drug laws in Washington and Colorado.

Voters in those two states recently legalized recreational marijuana use.

But after last week's lenghty health insurance exchange which the soverignty of states rights was a central theme...many senators felt calling for the feds to intervene in states with less strict marijuana laws would be a monumental flip–flop.

Senator Curt McKenzie, R, Nampa said, "What we are asking the federal government to do by this is impose it's will on a sister state that has a different policy."

But Senator Chuck Winder...who sponsored the non–binding measure on behalf of the Idaho Association Of Cities...said it's a perfectly proper role for the federal government.

"There are certain things the federal government should so, should defend us as a nation, provide for public safety and welfare which is the policy we're talking about," said Sen. Winder.

But the senate voted 21 to 13 against asking the feds to take senator said to do otherwise would be hypocrisy.

The resolution opposing any legalization of marijuana now heads to the house for consideration.

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