Man Arrested After Standoff With Pocatello Police


By KMVT Staff

Pocatello, Idaho ( KIDK / KIFI ) One man is in custody after a standoff with police Saturday morning in Pocatello.

A nearby mobile home park actually had to be partially evacuated.

Police say a man violated a no contact order on his girlfriend. The resulting argument caused her to call the police and him to pull a gun.

Shannon Leavitt says her neighborhood was very nice when they moved in seven years ago.

"I wish it was a nice neighborhood like it was when we moved in. I felt safer with my kids running out to play, and now, when I go to leave the neighborhood and I see all that at the end of the street, it's scary."

She says she witnessed a drug bust there a few months ago and while she's grateful for the police, she says she would rather not see them at work all the time, dealing with dangerous people. Especially with three kids at home.

Leavitt says, "I really want to get out of here, because it's just getting worse and worse, but you run into stuff like that everywhere you go."

That stuff includes Saturday's situation, which started as a no–contact order violation. When police found the suspect, he refused to get out of his car... And they had reports he was armed.

Captain Rick Capell, Pocatello Police Department says, "so we had to call out our immediate response unit, and eventually we used a chemical agent to get him out of the car."

You can see here the team tosses something into the open window.
In under a minute, the suspect gets out of the car, crawls on his hands and surrenders himself.

Capell says while this is something you don't see everyday, it's very dangerous to try and get close enough to see something.

"The best idea is to stay in your home, on the far side of wherever this is happening," adds Capell.

Police say no one was harmed in this situation. An ambulance checked the suspect's condition after being gassed. He's now at the Bannock County Jail.

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