Man arrested Following Bank Robbery, Carjacking And Police Chase


By Paul Johnson

Brigham City, Utah (KUTV) A suspect is behind bars following a robbery, carjacking, and chase through Brigham City – and police say the man did not go into custody without a fight.

Brigham City Police caught a suspected bank robber, but say two officers ended up at the hospital in the process.

Police say the chase began when the man robbed a Chase Bank located on 100 South in Brigham City. Police say the man robbed one teller – and when she didn’t have as much money as he wanted, he robbed another teller.

The man then took off, but running on foot was not enough. Police say he wanted a vehicle – targeting a mother who had just pulled up. The man told the woman to give him the keys to the car – a car that still held the woman’s 4-year-old child. Police say as the two both tried to get the child out of the car, causing the man to drop his gun.

Police say both the man and the woman went for the gun. The woman was able to grab her child and then suspect took the gun and ran.

Witnesses told police they saw the man stash the mask and gloves he’d been wearing, as well as the bag of money.

An officer spotted the suspect speeding around a corner and followed him. Police were able to catch up with the man when he crashed the truck into a cement barricade at an apartment complex. The man then, reportedly, got out of the vehicle and attacked the officers – spitting on them and biting them.

Police say the man struggled with officers, resulting in a fight. Police were eventually able to handcuff the man, who had been laying on top of his gun, trying to hide it.

Both the officers involved and the suspect were eventually taken to Brigham City Hospital for medical attention. All of them are said to be okay.

The man is now in the Box Elder County Jail, facing multiple charges for the robbery, stealing the truck, and fighting with police. Officers have not released the man’s name, but say he is from Ogden.

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