Meridian Company Tests Niagara Falls Rapids



Meridian, Idaho ( KBOI ) There's a boat being built over in the Treasure Valley that can do what no other boat's been able to do before. Navigate some of the roughest waters in this country, the waters that lead to Niagara Falls.

This is the video it captures - Boat builder Chris Bohnenkamp and driver Beau Value as they take their boats down the Niagara River Gorge.

Value says, "he told me you couldn't run it. He's like no boats run can't run it...that just sparked my interest right there...well if we can't run it let's run it!"

So they felt challenged, to prove the Meridian-based business built the toughest boats.

"We went to Niagara Falls to prove that. We ran the craziest section of water that we know has ever been ran...I don't know any other jet boat company or private owner that's ever gone and ran anything that's class six."

The river really is considered impassable. That sounded like a dare to Bohnenkamp and Value.

"Everybody we talked to we'd ask a lot of questions and be like hey has anybody ever ran this river with a jet boat, and the local people would laugh at you and say no, there's been attempts, but they die."

Jet boats don't come with seat belts. Usually the boat itself is safe enough for rough waters. But Bohnenkamp made an exception for this trip. He put belts in before they took off, because these waters are that dangerous.

It worked they were the first people in history to make it out alive, but they don't plan on stopping there.

"We got to find a bigger rapid. Kenny already found one in Alaska. Alright, it looks like we're going to Alaska."

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