Monkey Killed At Zoo Boise



Boise, Idaho (KBOI) Authorities are searching for answers after a monkey was killed Saturday following a break–in at a zoo in Boise.

Anyone coming to Zoo Boise this morning hoping to see animals only saw this. Crime scene tape over the front entrance as police looked for evidence on who killed one of the patas monkeys. The animal's death left zoo employees in shock.

Steve Burns, Boise Zoo Director says, "obviously we care deeply about these animals, our staff is here everyday taking care of them our volunteers they love these animals. To have something like this happen they take it very hard."

Police found this hat where the crime occurred and say it may belong to one of the suspects. Investigators also collected blood evidence and are analyzing it to see if it's animal or human. When security saw the two men one of them was outside the fence and the other was still inside, but both took off running.

An animal autopsy revealed the monkey died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck, and it appears to be a beating death. Those visiting were left to wonder why someone would do such a thing.

Will Loveday, Johnday resident adds, "somebody that would do that is just out of their mind they have no reason to do something like that. I don't know why you would it's just really strange for one and it's uncalled for one, and it's uncalled for."

The zoo reopened this afternoon, but the empty Patas cage with leftover food was very noticeable, providing a sad visit for many.

If you have any information on this case or recognize the hat from that picture, you are urged to call police. There was another Patas monkey that was unharmed, but since they're social animals, zoo officials will have to find another one or send it off to another facility.

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