NRA Looks For New Members With Boise Event



Boise, Idaho ( KBOI ) The proposals have been pitched and on Tuesday President Obama will discuss specifics during his State of the Union Address.

Universal background checks, limits on big ammunition clips and an assault weapons ban. Those are all on the table. There are mixed reviews...

And it's unclear if the House and Senate would approve them... The National Rifle Association believes the proposals have no chance of passing.

NRA President, David Keene, says with more than four million members... They have enough power to shut the debate down.

And this weekend... A push to get more members is happening in the Treasure Valley.

Ed Zink, Boise resident says, you're pushing hard to take everything away from us and we've got to do something to stop them.

Cabelas gave 25 dollar gift cards to people who signed up for an NRA membership.

Keith Fitzgerald, the retail marketing manager says, it's a great opportunity to support one of our most important a loyal conservation partners.

Ed Zink says he avoided signing up for the NRA until today.

Zink adds, "the way they're trying to infringe on our rights these days I feel it's necessary to get all the voice we can and so I went ahead and signed the paper today."

Zink wasn't alone. The NRA sign up table saw a steady flow of people.

Fitzgerald adds, "we do this not only because it's our business but the fact that we're interested in the same things so we support our customers interest and certainly support the NRA and all the important work they do."

As a gun debate rages on Zink says now is the time to get involved.

Zink says people need to get out and protect our rights or we won't have any.

An NRA membership runs about 35 dollars. Cabela's will offer gift cards all weekend...

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