OR Bakery Under Investigation



Gresham, Oregon (KPVR) An Oregon bakery is under state investigation after a complaint filed with the Oregon Department of Justice.

It alleged the co–owner refused to make a wedding cake for a same sex couple.

According to the complaint, Aaron Klein of Sweet Cakes Bakery referred to the couple as "abominations unto the Lord."

A charge Klein denies though he does confirm that he refused to sell one of the brides a cake when she visited his store.

Klein and his wife, who opened the bakery five years ago, do not hide their religious beliefs.

The sweet cakes website says they "strongly believe that when a man and women come together to be joined as one, it is [truly] one of the most special days of their lives."

"First amendment, Constitution. Freedom of religion. I'm free to exercise my religion however I see fit. I should not be compelled to violate my conscience. If I'm told I have to make a wedding cake for a same sex marriage, I feel that I'm violating my beliefs. I don't think I should have to do that," adds Aaron Klein, Sweet Cakes Owner.

After Klein responds in writing to the Department of Justice, they will determine whether or not to take action against Sweet Cakes.

He is willing to accept the consequences, whether that means losing business or getting into trouble with the state.

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