Otter Movie Turned “Adult”


By KMVT News

Boise, Idaho ( KBOI-TV ) It's a peculiar spot to find our governor in.

A movie, in which Governor Otter has a few lines from years ago, got turned into a more "adult" film without him knowing.

And now... Idaho is talking.

So how did the governor... end up in this flick?

When Otter was Lieutenant Governor in the early 90s, he tried to get Hollywood to come to Idaho and when they did, they also offered him a small part as a sheriff.

Otter only has about three minutes in the movie, but the final film turned out to be nothing like the original script he reviewed.

The original movie ended up going belly up, and in trying to cut their losses, the film makers sold it to someone else, who then put in many of the sex scenes in "A Time to Revenge", but didn't cut the governor's part.

Many residents say they feel bad for the governor.

"It's humorous, but poor guy. Unfortunately he's stuck with that from here on out, so whoever has seen the movie and hears his name will always think of that," says Boise resident Austin Sheehy.

It's likely that not many people have seen the movie because after filming here in Idaho back in 1993, it was released straight to video in 1997.

Before agreeing to be in the movie, Otter's office says he read the script back to front and says it was not what it turned out to be.

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