Watching Out For Semi's; Police Cracking Down



Boise, Idaho (KBOI) The Idaho State Patrol and other agencies are cracking down on people who drive dangerously around semi trucks.

"Hi, I'm with State police and I stopped you there for following to close to that semi and then when you got on the interstate there you shot across the solid white lines."

Police around Idaho are cracking down....if you don't want to see these lights in your rear view mirror then watch your driving around semi trucks. Officers on the roadways say they see a lot of dangerous driving habits that many people don't realize their doing something illegal.

Jason Bailey, Idaho State Police adds, "we see a lot of following too closely, speeding in and around commercial vehicles, not giving commercial vehicles the space they require to make their safe operating maneuvers."

To help find violators, troopers are disguising themselves in big rigs and then calling out to officers on patrol who then pull over the offenders. The goal is to stop people from recklessly driving around large commercial trucks.

Usually when a semi is involved in an accident at high speed the consequences can be much deadlier. Trooper Bailey says a lot of people don't know about the constant worry truck drivers have of others on the roadway.

"A lot of drivers haven't driven trucks and don't realize they need a lot more distance to stop they have an increased blind spot. And it takes more time for them to make a safe lane change."

Police are also on the lookout for bad truck drivers as well, but they say if people just keep their distance and watch their speed they won't be seeing those flashing lights anytime soon.

This crackdown on bad driving comes just as we are getting into the winter driving season when road conditions tend to be much slicker, which calls for safer driving habits.

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