Police Officer Named Hero, 'Super Cop'


By KIFI News

Pocatello, Idaho ( KIFI-TV ) A police officer from Bannock County is being named the 'Super Cop.'

"I had pleaded with him so much to put the gun down and let the boy go. I told him it just wasn't worth it," says Sgt. Jeff Young, Bannock County Sheriff's Office.

Nearly two–dozen law enforcement officers surrounded the Chubbuck Petco the night Bradley Wilson died after leading police on a high–speed chase and taking one boy hostage.

But only one officer had to make a life–changing decision.

Sgt. Young explains, "And that's the moment I said I cannot let him hurt this young man. This boy didn't deserve anything that's going on tonight. And that was the decision I had to make, I didn't have a choice."

That one shot to Wilson's neck left him dead, and the boy was free.

This is the first week Wilson will return to work since the incident...
But he says that was a traumatic night that will always stay with him.

Sgt. Young describes, "We stopped chasing him. 'Go home. Call someone for help. If you're running from me...'I told him to stop and put the gun down. We would have helped him. I would have rather seen him get help than anything else, but he chose not to."

In the past twenty years Young's been with the sheriff's office, he says there have been five officer–involved shootings...something he says no officer ever wants to experience.

"We're people. We hurt just like anybody else does. And we, unfortunately get to see the worst in society, we get to see the accidents or the children that are hurt. We get to see that every day."

But, he says this is all a team effort.

"We have a great group of young men and young women that have dedicated their lives to be able to saving other people's lives. If that's a hero, then I guess we do have a lot of heroes," says Sheriff Lorin Nielsen, Bannock County Sheriff''s Office.

Sgt. Young says, "I wish I didn't have a job. As a police officer, I wish I was out of work." "why is that?" "That there was no crime. I wish we didn't have to have police officers. That would be a great day in this society, but it will never happen."

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