Police Search For Suspects In Sheep Killings


By Stephanie Smith, KBOI

Star, Idaho ( KBOI ) Three sheep were shot and killed in Star this week and now police are looking for answers.

Laraway says, "why would someone do that to the live stock?"

That's the question police and people throughout Star asking. It all started on Monday, when police got a call about a sheep shot in the head in a field near Star Road and Joplin. There investigation didn't turn up much, but on friday morning the same rancher called saying 2 more of his sheep had been killed.

The Star Police Chief calls the crime senseless...

Laraway adds, "right now we are still in the investigation, we got the detectives involved and we are trying to find out a little more about why would somebody do this?"

Police believe someone trespassed into the pasture, after dark to shoot the sheep. Neighbor Wes Mitchell says he's now worried about the safety of his animals.

Mitchell says "this road that we live on is pretty secluded and they could drive down there and shoot my animals too."

Mitchell says he has never heard of something like this happening in Star. And what makes it worse, the sheep were being raised by kids for 4–H.

"I think it's very ignorant that somebody would do that, because this is people's livelihoods," adds Mitchell.

Police still aren't sure why the sheep were targeted when there were other animals closer to the road.

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