Racecar Driver Crashes, Kills Cousin; Steering Wheel Came Off


By Paul Johnson

Petaluma, California (CNN) - A faulty steering wheel apparently caused this weekend's raceway crash, which killed two people in California.
A frequent racer at Petaluma Speedway, 17-year-old Chase Johnson is a fourth-generation race car driver known as a talented driver.
His car lost control before a race in Marysville on Saturday, hitting the wall at an estimated 90 miles per hour, flying into the pit area and killing two people.
One of those victims was his cousin, 14-year-old Marcus Johnson, a member of Chase's pit crew.
Marcus' father says his nephew's steering wheel came off his car moments before the crash.
"Every time he got into the car and every race, we'd check and check and check, and I don't know how it could come off, because he always double-checked it just to make sure, and I don't know how it could come off..."
Chase Johnson was hoping to one day race professionally.
After the crash that killed his cousin, Chase's isn't sure he will ever race again.

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