Seattle Mayor Says Phasing In $15 Minimum Wage Will Be Good For Businesses, Employees


By KMVT News

Seattle, Washington (CNN) Seattle has adopted the highest minimum wage in the country.

The City Council approved an increase to 15 dollars an hour.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray plans to sign the ordinance Tuesday.

The increase will happen gradually over several years.

Critics say it's a risky move for businesses and could hurt them down the line.

Murray argues phasing it in will give employers time to adjust.

"We're phasing it in over seven years. We're very sensitive to the fact that Seattle has some of the most innovative small and large businesses. It gives us a chance, it gives them a chance to adjust their business model. So I think we've been able to do something that helps business and helps employees," he says.

15 dollars is more than double the current federal minimum wage of 7 dollars and 25 cents.

Several other states have passed or are considering proposals to adopt a higher minimum wage.

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