Sterling Legal Drama


By KMVT News

Los Angeles, California (CNN) - The court battle between Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his estranged wife over the future of the team, is taking a breather.

But time is of the essence.

The 2 billion dollar deal to sell the team to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has a Tuesday deadline, but it also includes a provision to extend it to August 15.

Shelly sterling testified Thursday that Barbara Walters canceled an interview with Donald because of his erratic behavior at a hotel.

She also testified that her husband was initially excited about the sale, but within days his mood changed.

His attorneys say she wasn't acting in good faith.

”It was a conspiracy that was put together with her and the lawyers and the very day Donald Sterling said I'm not going to sign, they notified me that he was discharged as a trustee. Does that sound to you like isn't a pre-planned conspiracy,” said Max Blecher, Attorney for Donald Sterling.

“We believe we've shown overwhelmingly that these 2 distinguished doctors certified him as incapacitated and he was removed as of May 29th. We're here to get a judge to confirm that because the agreement with Mr. Ballmer requires a court order,” said Pierce O’Donnell, Attorney for Shelly Sterling.

The trial won't resume until July 21st.
Closing arguments are set for the 28th.

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