WA Man Leaves Baby In Car For 8 Hours


By KMVT Staff

Seattle, Washington ( KOMO ) A baby is safe and sound in Seattle, Washington after her father forgot she was in the car for nearly eight hours! The forgetful father could be in trouble with the law.

Some things you just can't forget. King County Transit Police had to unlock the doors of this car inside the Thornton Place Garage, all to get a baby safely out of the back seat.

The distraught mother was completely speechless and couldn't form words. Then the deputies told us why.

They said this man, who identified himself as Matt Steele, the girl's father left the infant girl in the car after dropping his other kids off at daycare.

His wife realized what had happened after she picked up the older kids and the baby wasn't there.

Reporter: "How did you forget your own child in the backseat?

Steele: "I don't have an explanation for that."

Steele could barely speak too.

Reporter: "Is your baby okay?"

Steele: "She's okay."

Police though, did talk with him.

"They're not arresting me. Um, I guess you should ask them," adds Steele.

We did. They said the investigation could lead to possible child neglect charges or CPS involvement.

Steele left quickly. He said he had to go pick up his other daughter.

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