Scam Circulating; Citizens Taken For Millions

Magic Valley/Idaho


By Kim Bartlett

Last week, thousands of people in the Magic Valley got a mailing from Saint Matthew's Churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The letter contains a bible faith handkerchief printed on computer paper, with instructions to write a prayer request on it and send it back.
However, the Seed Faith Organization started by Reverend James Ewing is not a church.
But it has taken in more than 100-million-dollars in the last fifteen years.
Beve Bryant with the Better Business Bureau says, “When you're getting ready to do business with a company or donate to a company, you wanna make sure that you know what all the money is going for. So don't donate or give money without having all the facts, so you can make a well informed decision."
A four year old story from the “Tulsa World” newspaper says the organization mails more than one million letters a month many to poor, uneducated people while Ewing lives in a mansion in Los Angeles and drives luxury cars.

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