Battle Heats Up Between Red's and ATF; Issue Hits Silver Screen

Twin Falls


By Kim Bartlett

The battle between Idaho's oldest gun shop and the ATF is heating up and the issue hit the silver screen in an expose that premiered Wednesday night.
The second amendment reads: “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
As a democracy we respect and honor our constitutional rights and therefore protect them when someone abuses them.
Red's Trading Post sees the ATF abusing these rights and wants to show the world their side of the story.
Owner Ryan Horsley says, “I've began speaking out. Other people have refused to speak out in hopes that if they stay quiet, they hope that the ATF will find favor with them or just let them go and not revoke their license. But as we've seen in so many instances -- that's not the case."
For several years now -- the gun shop and the ATF have had their share of battles.
From being given a temporary stay to additional violations – Horsley claimed that beyond all that -- Red's Trading Post’s record is very clean.
He says, "In the 2005 audit they went through 10,000 forms and all they could manage to find were four-percent errors in our record keeping. I remind people that these are not laws nor ordinances. These are policies set up by the ATF and those are policies that continue to change."
Wednesday Horsley showed the movie "The Gang" put on by the Jews for Preservation of Firearms.
The film showcases alleged abuses by the ATF and an alleged tie to the Nazi government.
Executive Director for JPFO says, “We managed to track down a copy of the Nazi Weapon Law of 1938 and had it translated. The parallels were astonishing. Senator Dodd knew of the law and had his own copy; plagiarized the Nazi gun laws and in order to create the Gun Control Act of 1968."
We tried to contact the ATF -- but they couldn't be reached for comment.

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