9 Year Old Girl Dies In Sand Cave Collapse


By KMVT News

Lincoln City, Oregon ( CNN ) a nine-year-old girl who was pulled from a collapsed sand cave in Lincoln City, Oregon, has died.

Bob Heye spoke to witnesses about how the little girl became trapped on Friday.

It was a desperate rescue. In video from the Lincoln City News Guard, emergency crews try to revive the nine-year-old little girl after she was pulled from a huge hole dug into the sand on the beach at Lincoln City.

She was visiting Lincoln City with her family, sat down in the hole to see how deep it really was, then the sand caved in on her.

Tracey Dudley, who witness the event said, "and we heard screaming coming from the beach. At first we thought, you know, it was just kids, but it was like screaming and screaming and screaming."

The little girl's family was there when the large hole collapsed in.
Tracey called 9-1-1 and watched people desperately trying to dig the child out.
"Well the people were digging and digging and digging, and it looked like the sand kept collapsing." Said Tracey.

The girl was unconscious and not breathing when rescuers took her to the hospital. They couldn't revive her.

Jim Kusz, North Lincoln Fire District, "This has happened before on the coast but it's a pretty rare even…when it's a call like this - when it's a young child that's either a drowning or any kind of accident like this that turns out to be a fatality - it's very hard on the responders, it's very hard on the community."

After nightfall, mourners laid flowers and candles at the hole that's now been filled in-- a family that planned a holiday weekend together is now in mourning.

Tracey Dudley, eye witness "it was heart-wrenching. You could see that people were trying and - i don't even know what to say. It was awful."

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