Activists say they set fire at Idaho fur seller


BOISE, Idaho (AP) _ The Caldwell fire marshal says investigators believe a fire at a fur and fireworks store was ``suspicious and incendiary.''
Animal rights activists are claiming responsibility for the fire
Monday morning at Rocky Mountain Fireworks & Fur Co.
A spokesman for an animal rights group in Los Angeles says he received a message from activists shortly before the fire began.
In addition to fireworks, the business in Caldwell, outside Boise, buys coyote and bobcat pelts and sells trapping supplies, including equipment that helps drown beavers. It also sells knives,
predator calls and scents to help lure bobcats.
Caldwell fire marshal Andrew Cater said the fire was contained
quickly and without significant damage to fireworks or fur

The following is taken directly from the animal rights website.

"In the early morning hours of September 26th, a visit was paid to the Rocky Mountain Firework & Fur Company, a shop that (quite foolishly) sells both highly flammable and explosive toys, and the chemically-treated skins of thousands of tortured animals (among some other nasty things, like trapping supplies). A hole was drilled into their storage space, and several gallons of fuel were pumped through, as well as multiple other charges being set beneath an adjoining structure. Ignition devices were set to finish up our work, once we were safely on our way. By oppressing innocent life, you've lost your rights. We've come to take you down a notch. Stay in business, and we'll be back.
Yours truly,
The Arson Unit "

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is

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