From Vine To Wine Part 2


By KMVT News

Hammett (ID) Bing Ringert Co-Owner of Cold Springs Winery in Hammett Idaho says to come into something like this and you have no idea what’s involved.
You just keep learning.
Her husband Bill Ringert says "this year we started picking on September 11th which is way ahead of where I thought it would be"
One of the most important aspects of making wine is picking at the right time.
The grapes are weighed and then it's on to the crusher.
The wine maker Jamie Martin takes us through the process "the whites are taken through the de stemmer it crushes the grapes the stems go one way and are discarded and the juice and pulp goes through a 3 inch muss pump into a press then the bladder presses the juice off the white grapes the skins and those go into these tanks here with the cooling chiller jackets around so I can control my fermentation temperature"
The steel tanks are kept at between 52 and 54 degrees
Martin tests the sugar content measured by what's called sugar bricks with a hydrometer.
The wine is still cloudy and smells like pineapple and is full of champagne like bubbles.
The gasses from the steel vats can be very dangerous.
"Everyone should try this at least once making wine like they did in the old days and you can have that chance by coming up here to cold springs during harvest season to see what its really like to squish grapes with your feet it's not as easy as it looks on camera"
Martin sesplains the red wine process "the reds are crushed with the skins, they go into the red fermenter with the skins on.
3 times a day we punch those skins down into the juice, you have to keep mixing them down into the must.
The red wine is then aged in oak barrels.
Martin says "our Pinot Noir we usually age 2 years in the barrel our other reds our blends our Merlot usually about a year in barrels. The whites 6 months in the steel vats"
"My passion is the Riesling.
A lot of people poo poo Riesling's oh it's sweet but our style is more German its off dry and its one of the best white wines you could ever drink with spicier food.
Cold Springs bottles at the winery and can make up to 15 thousand per day.
You can find cold springs wine in local grocery stores and restaurants.
To visit the winery for a tasting you can call 208 366–7993 or go to

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