Idaho Senate Passes Anti-Bullying Measure


By KMVT News

Boise, Idaho (KMVT-TV) - The Idaho Senate passed a measure to help toughen up the anti–bully policy in Idaho's public schools.

Boise Senator, Nicole Lefavour recently formed a bill that would mandate a more active and consistent role in stopping bullying.

All together, this would affect the state's 115 school districts.

The bill would require all state educators to undergo professional development and to intervene if they witness a student being harassed.

The Senate passed the measure last Thursday with a 25 to 8 vote. But not all Idaho lawmakers are happy about the language used in the measure.

"It is a controversial issue and there are some pros and cons, what one person can see as bullying, another might just see as simple school yard teasing. So we don't want to overly restrict and at the same time we do want to prevent kids from having to work and go to school in an environment that's inappropriate," says Rep. Stephen Hartgen, (R) District 23.

The bill will now go to the House for debate. But with the lack of time left in the session and the bill's controversial nature, some lawmakers see this continuing into 2013.

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